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Brand Loyalty

Brand Loyalty drives revenue creates longevity in business and helps you compete in your market. Are you working on creating it with your customers?

Does your business put a focus on creating brand loyalty?

How much is it costing you to find new customers?

What is the churn and retention rate for your business? 

Do you have a plan or strategies in place for customer retention?

Can you confidently say that you have your customers loyalty?

Are you engaging with your existing customers to gain insights into your ideal customers?

Do your customers help you generate new business? 

The Brand Loyalty Solution

Brand Loyalty is what keeps businesses running. Generating sales and driving products and service solutions.

Implementing strategies that establish and nurture customer loyalty is a necessity. 

My solution is providing best practices and strategies customized to your business and industry to help you compete in your market.

Solutions like reward programs for purchases, referral programs to reward introductions. Discounted rates and free shipping for loyal customers. 

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What is Brand Loyalty & Why do I need it?

What is Brand Loyalty? 

Think of brand loyalty as an existing customer that decides that you may not be the only option but their best option based on their customer experience.

Loyal to the point that they look past other competitors’ offers and strictly purchase from you. These customers are not just ideal clients but Brand Ambassadors for your business.

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Why do I need Brand Loyalty?

Simply put it is a lot more cost-effective to market to an existing customer than the money you would spend trying to win over a new customer.  

65% of a company’s business comes from existing customers. 

A 5% increase in customer retention can lead to a 25% increase in profit or more. 

By implementing Customer loyalty strategies you would be insulating your business from sales droughts and increasing your ability to forecast sales.


The overall profitability of a business can increase by 25 – 125% when its churn rate is reduced by 5%. 


57% of customers say that they would cease being loyal to a brand if their negative review goes unaddressed.


If your business is not doing enough to engage your customers, 54% will consider dropping you.


75% of consumers will favor a brand if there is a loyalty program that rewards its members.


Your chances of selling to a new customer are between 5% – 20%, whereas that number jumps up to 60% – 70% for existing customers.


87% of Americans will gladly give up some privacy in exchange for an excellent customer experience or reward. 


77% of customers have stayed loyal to a specific brand for at least 10 years. When they find someone that gets them they stay.


According to 37% of consumers, it takes at least 5 purchases before they consider themselves loyal to your brand. 

What is the process for developing Brand Loyalty?

Book A Consultation

Book a consultation call where we discuss your business goals and the current process for generating leads.

Process Evaluation

We’ll evaluate your process and set expectations based on where you are with your business and budget

Customized Strategy

Creation of a strategy customized to your business timeline. Aimed at addressing short-term and long-term goals.

Implement Plan

Implementation of the plan for monitoring & making adjustments as needed based on the results and industry.

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What is included in the Brand Loyalty service?

Included is an evaluation of your process and target audience. The assessment will allow me to create a strategy for gaining nurturing customer loyalty and brand advocacy.

Evaluation of what after-sales nurturing process and loyalty and reward programs that could work for your business. Strategies and processes to implement to establish brand loyalty and brand champions. 

Implement plans to engage your existing customers and gather feedback that can be applied to products and or services as well as customer support.

Frequently Asked Questions About Brand Loyalty

What creates brand loyalty?  There are several factors that go into creating brand loyalty. A strong understanding of your customer’s wants and needs.

Engaging with your existing customers and implementing feedback received.

A well-thought-out loyalty program. Strong customer support guiding the customer experience. Just to name a few.

How do I find out if  I have my customer’s loyalty? The process should be ongoing. Your retention rate is going to be a key factor in gauging customer loyalty.

Customer follow-ups for feedback will provide insights. Based on the engagement and response.

Evaluating your customer support requests and tickets.

These are all ways that you can evaluate your customer’s loyalty.

What is a customer loyalty program? A customer loyalty program is a way of rewarding your existing customers for repeat business.

You can create a program that rewards the customers with points and discounts.

Think Starbucks punching your card or getting points towards a free coffee.

How to create a successful loyalty reward program? The goal is to identify a loyalty reward program that would work best for your business and customer base.

It has to bring value and incentivize the customers. Strategy wise it is important to consider your pricing and your product and or service.

Can you afford to give away a free product? Higher ticketed products or services at a discount can encourage conversions


you’re one step away from changing everything!

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The better we understand your needs & goals the better we can assist you.

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