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“I hired Sean to manage my online presence and button up my company’s look online. I couldn’t be happier with his service. In a short amount of time, I was seeing quicker response times for potential clients and I was able to close a lot more business. He is very easy to work with and is very good at bringing the visions you have for your business to life. Needless to say, Majority Media will be my go-to for everything Media and Marketing wise.”

Keith Logan
Quality Finishes Painting

The Problem

Quality Finishes Painting is growing as a business after year 1. Now needs to focus on project stability and identifying its target audience

The questions needed to be answered as a new business? 

How to remedy an erratic workflow?
How to promote testimonials?
Who is your target audience?
How to expand a service range?
How to manage solicitations?
How to add validity to price increases?

Erratic Workflow

Building consistency with projects. Cutting down on slow periods. Ability to forecast incoming projects

Target Audience

Increasing higher-paying projects and identifying opportunities with the ideal target audience

Service Solicitation

Deciphering between opportunities that are worth the investment and not. Managing time constraints


Managing client reviews and engagement. Promoting testimonials to continue building credibility

Service Range

Expanding projects beyond the local market in an effort to maximize opportunities for growth

Price Changes

Adding validity to the services so that the clients don’t questions the pricing and focus on the results instead

Quality Finishes Painting Testimonial Digital Ad


Addressed the slow periods in the business creating more consistency by reaching out to real estate agencies and agents for prep and repair projects prior to showings. In addition to contractors bidding on projects to sub work out as needed.

Promote positive reviews on the website and social media. 93% of consumers will read reviews of local businesses to determine their quality. (Brightlocal) Respond on the clients’ behalf & manage non-positive feedback on reviews.  

Focused on promoting digital ads and videos with examples of ideal projects. Changed the wording to resonate more with the new target audience. 

Track the analytics for organic leads generated within project service areas. Monitored the revenue to identify which areas bring the most consistent work and project value for the business.

Served as point of contact for third party providers soliciting their services. Researched and gathered information and provided an assessment. Pulled together the resources needed for the partnerships.

Changed the marketing message to reflect the value and that it is an investment with the results that match the pricing. Highlight what makes the return on the investment worthwhile.

Quality Finishes Business Logo

The Numbers

The client moved out of their initial launch phase of taking on any and every job to quality projects that move the needle. Transitioning away from volume to qualified leads. Turning the leads into quality projects & recurring revenue for the business

Increasing the conversion rate and cutting down on the estimates and conversations with people looking for the cheapest price instead of the best quality. This was done by gaining a better understanding of the target audience and promoting investments in quality. The result is freeing up the time to work on other aspects of your business.


  • Conversion Rate – 80%
  • Returning customers – 77%
  • Client Referrals – 85%

The Results

Quality Finishes Painting was able to establish itself in the local market well enough within the first year of business. Keith gave notice on his day job so that he could solely focus on growing the business.

In year 2 the focus shifted to stability. Establishing partnerships and contracts that would lead to ongoing work. This was accomplished by attending networking events on the clients’ behalf and securing contact information for introductions.

The foundation established early on has allowed Quality Finishes Painting to survive the Pandemic and Quarantine period. Now thriving again with a system in place and a team to take on more projects. Freeing Keith up as the business owner to have the time to work on closing more deals instead of being on-site doing the work.



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