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“Business Strategy for the technically challenged client”


Sean Atkinson


Brand Development
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“Majority Media LLC was professional, responsive, and knowledgeable in producing a website for our book. We knew so little in the beginning. Patient training, and quick replies to mundane inquiries. We got much more than expected.”

Frank Collins
Spiritual Water for the Arid Soul

The Problem

Authors of a book series in need of a website and sound business strategy for promoting the latest book.  

The questions needed to be answered for the book promotion? 

Where do I start with a website?
What is the best platform for us?
What do we do about hosting?
What do we do about updates?
How do can we promote the book?
How to increase our sales percentage?

Web Design

Book a discovery call to gauge website needs and level of understanding of the web design process


Educate on hosting options and select a hosting package that meets the clients’ needs and budget

Book Promotion

Build a website that leads to the publishers’ sales landing page. Customize for link tracking purposes


Selecting a platform that meets the budget restrictions but also allows for training on how to make updates

Website Updates

Educate throughout the process on how to make updates. Create training videos to help with the comfort level

Business Strategy

Customize a business strategy that simplifies renegotiating the book sales percentage with the publisher


Select a user-friendly platform that someone without a lot of online experience can use. Once the website is complete the client should feel comfortable being able to navigate & make updates to the website.

Create a website the is linked to the publishes landing page promoting and selling the book. 

It was determined that WordPress was going to be too much work for the authors. Selected an alternative platform that is more user friendly that I can provide training on for clients. 

Hosting was taken care of as part of their care plan. Training videos and materials provided for the client. Walkthrough sessions held to ensure the client was comfortable with how to make updates. 

The book promoted on the website and linked over to the publishers’ landing page. The strategy applied is to track the clicks coming from the website. Using the analytics to display how much of the complete sales were driven by the authors themselves. Leaving room to re-negotiate the sales percentage. In addition to diverting the marketing budget to help pay for the website. Allowing the client to avoid paying out of pocket. 

A story in Research

The authors wrote a series of books. The latest addition is a story that someone with a third-hand account wrote two books about. They wanted to promote their books first-hand experience. 

A goal was set to not just build a website but a resource for people who have purchased the book to follow up with questions. Gather readers for a book club where they can have more in-depth conversations. 

Identifying where the book is selling well was also a key factor. Providing the ability to pick which areas to add to the list for a book tour for store signings and speaking engagements. The analytics are being reviewed and compared against the publishers’ reporting.

The next phase will be to use the success of the first book to re-negotiate the terms of the previous books and promote the series on the website. Once again linking back to the publisher so that they can apply the marketing budget to invest in the website.



“Topics were how to: renegotiate a higher gain from the publisher; negotiate with distributor for previous books; using the website as leverage to save on marketing expense; diverting it back into the sales percentage by tracking clicks on website”

Frank Collins
Spiritual Water for the Arid Soul

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