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Content is such a pivotal part of establishing your brand and communicating with your audience. It may not be your strength but that doesn’t mean that you should struggle. 

Do you need help with your content strategy?

Coming up with content for a website, social media posts and brand messaging isn’t easy. Well, not to most people. It can be a struggle. 

Knowing what you want to convey in your mind but not being able to transfer it to paper and pen or keyboard. It can be enough to make a person continue to put it off and in the end hurt their business. 

Content is meant to convey who you are, what you’re about, and what differentiates you from everyone else. 

This can leave you feeling overwhelmed and wondering what you got yourself into…

The Content Support Solution

Content support can help ease the anxiety of how to convey your messaging and resonate with your target audience. Create, implement a strategy that establishes credibility and trust with your target audience. Nurtures existing customer relationships and leads to customer and brand loyalty.

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What is Content Marketing & Why is it so important to my business?

What is a Content Marketing? 

Think of content as your sales pitch to your target audience. Whether it be your brand content, website content, and or social media content.

How you share what differentiates you from the competition. What makes you qualified to help solve their problem or address their need.

A content marketing strategy is the business’s way of resonating and connecting with potential leads, qualified leads, and existing customers.

Successful content marketing strategies address lead generation, moving leads through the customer journey as well as customer retention.

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Why do I need a Content Strategy?

Content is key in generating sales conversions and traffic to your website. It is the introduction of your brand and business to target audiences. Highlighting an understanding of their problem. Share your solution and the results that you can provide.

Your content is going to show the difference between your business and your competitors. The opportunity to show why they should choose you and purchase your product and or services.


96% of content marketers say content marketing has helped them build credibility and trust with their audience.


90% of content marketers prioritize informational messaging over sales messaging as a marketing strategy.


 71% in the B2B industry admit to reviewing an organization’s blog during their buyer journey.


Content marketers are saying it costs 62% less than traditional marketing strategies to run. While generating 3 times the leads.


50% of B2B marketers outsource at least one part of content marketing. 84% of marketers outsource content creation. Offloading the work but benefiting from the results.


65% of content marketers use a documented strategy. 72% are measuring and tracking the ROI. 56% are using tech to better understand their audience’s behavior and preferences.


86% of marketers use content marketing for brand awareness. 79% are prioritizing educating their audiences as a strategy. Nurturing leads and building relationships with customers.


47% of the content being created is to start customers on the buying journey. 29% is created to help move them further through the process. 21% is designed to help businesses close the sale.

What is the process for Content Support & What does it include?

What is the process for Content Support?

Book a free consultation to discuss your brand, goals, and where you feel that you’re struggling. I will perform an evaluation of the current content strategy. Provide an assessment of how best to provide support to help reach your goals.

The specific process will depend on the content support service needed. Whether this is website content, newsletter, blog posts, or social media campaigns. Customizing support services that meet your needs and your budget.

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What is included with Content Support Services?

Content Support includes an evaluation and assessment of the current content strategy. Review of the goals set for the business and a strategy to help convey the messaging that resonates with the target audience.

Selecting from tiered newsletter support, email blasts/campaigns, blog post publishing services. The goal is to identify where help is needed and the best path to provide strategic content support.

Frequently Asked Questions About Content Marketing

How do you measure content marketing success?  Successful content marketing will show improvement and increase in brand awareness, engagement, retention, and or lead generation.

How is content marketing different from SEO? Content marketing is an all-around effort to increase brand awareness, brand loyalty, and recognition across a variety of platforms and channels.

SEO is focused more on making your content accessible through search engine results. Seeking better placement in the search results.

How often is it recommended to have your content evaluated? Content marketing is an ongoing process and should be evaluated regularly. A common mistake is to set it and forget it.

What kind of results can I expect from content marketing? The goal of content marketing is to build your brand and make sure you’re resonating with your target audience.

A successful content marketing strategy will help you on 3 main levels. Build awareness/recognition with people who are unfamiliar, trust and credibility with leads, and finally loyalty with existing customers.


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