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Promoting your business through Influencer marketing gaining access to their audience. 

Affiliate Marketing a proven method of gaining qualified leads for your business. The stronger your network and better your rewards the better the results received.

  • What is Affiliate Marketing?  Affiliate Marketing is a marketing strategy that relies on a network of third-party sources to share links to your website products/services as qualified leads. In return, you pay the third-party a percentage for the introduction or when they convert into a sale.

  • How effective is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate Marketing can be an effective way of introducing your business to a targeted audience. It can rank as high as 1 or 2nd in digital marketing strategies as far as effectiveness. Competing with email marketing for the top spot.

  • How do you find Affiliate Marketing Partners? You can find affiliate marketing partners by looking at businesses that are adjacent to your products/services. In most cases, they’re happy to use the affiliate links that you share with them as they have people asking about services that they may not perform.

  • How much do businesses pay their affiliate partners? On average the commission range is somewhere between 5% to 30%. The amount varies based on the price point of the product/service that you’re asking them to share.

Affiliate Marketing is a strategy that can be very effective for a company with a strong network and program. Allowing business owners to build up their sales pipeline with qualified leads with less effort. Concentrating their budget on a source that is delivering leads right to your selected pages, products/services. 

While it is important to set guidelines to ensure that third parties are sending qualified leads and not just anyone for the sake of a click and payment. Affiliate Marketing as a strategy can deliver great results. 

Typically a strategy for a business with products/services at a higher point to balance out the cost of the leads being provided. Making it a win, win for all parties involved. As a business, you get to build up brand awareness and increase the chances of winning the business. Your affiliate gets paid for sending and sourcing qualified leads your way. 


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Affiliate Marketing

If you’re like most small to midsize business owners you’re looking to establish yourself in your industry and become more competitive in your market. I help entrepreneurs and business owners reach their target audience and build brand awareness.

I do this by establishing Affiliate Marketing Strategies. If your goal is to reach more of your target audience and get qualified leads for your business. I invite you to book a free consultation for our Affiliate Marketing Strategy Services.

Affiliate Marketing Management

The service that I provide results in an increased engagement with your target audience. This helps my clients qualify more leads and guide them through the customer journey. Without it, they run the risk of spending time and money trying to build up traffic to their website in hope of generating sales.

Similarly, when my clients implement Affiliate Marketing Programs. They see an increase in qualified leads and traffic to their website. Avoiding paying for leads that are not part of your target audience or considered an ideal customer.

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