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Referral  Marketing Management

Recommendations and word of mouth are tried and true forms of marketing. They hold more weight because it’s coming from someone with knowledge and experience with the business.

Generate more qualified leads for your business and stability through excellent service and referrals. Happy customers are eager to share good experiences with other people.

  • What are the types of referrals? There are direct referrals which are more experience-based referrals, and then there are reputation-based referrals. These are the two main types of referrals.

  • What is the difference between a warm referral and a cold referral? A warm referral is when the client or business makes an introduction. A cold referral is when they provide you with the contact information of a business but leave the rest up to you.

  • Is it okay to pay someone for a referral? There are businesses that pay a finder’s fee for a referral that generates revenue. Others provide a discount on products/services. Which is a good way of continuing to provide ongoing support to the person who referred your business.

  • How do you negotiate the right referral fee? As a business, you can set the terms for a referral finders fee. A good strategy is to share the terms in your communication with existing customers in newsletters etc.

Referrals and recommendations a great way to build up your client list. They are coming to you because they’ve heard great things and would like to have a similar experience.

Brand Loyalty and Brand Advocacy is a marketing solution and strategy built on providing a great customer experience. It adds credibility and is an ideal source for lead generation.

In some cases, it can be as simple as not forgetting about them or switching up after you get paid. Nurturing client relationships beyond the sale is a solid way of maintaining a customer.

Building trust and relationships should be part of all business strategies. It’s easier to get repeat business from an existing customer than it is to start from scratch. Knowing they can lead to referrals and recommendations.


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Referral Marketing 

I help business owners build their pipeline of potential customers. I do this by creating referral marketing strategies that are directed at your existing clients to incentivize them. Implementing 20+ years of experience and best practices customized to your business.

I do this through Referral Marketing Strategies. If your goal is to generate more revenue, through your client list. I invite you to book a free consultation for our Referral Marketing Strategy services.

Referral Campaign Management

The service that I provide results in more qualified leads with your marketing campaigns. This helps my clients increase engagement with their targeted audience. Without it, they run the risk of continuing to burn through their advertising budget without seeing the results.

Similarly, when my clients get leads from their client list. They’re more likely to win the business. Avoiding paying for leads that aren’t qualified and don’t turn into potential customers.

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