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Retargeting marketing ads help you stay top of mind with your target audience after they’ve left your website. Providing opportunities to follow up and complete their purchase

You’ve worked hard to get your target audience to visit your website. Implementing a strategy that brings potential leads back to your site is critical.

  • What is Retargeting Marketing?  Retargeting marketing is a strategy used to display personalized display ads to people who left your website without completing the purchase.

  • How effective is Retargeting Marketing? Retargeting beats all other ad placement strategies with a 1,046% efficiency rate. 37% of customers click on retargeted ads. These are numbers that are proof of concept.

  • How does retargeting work? When a person visits your website a “cookie” is stored in the web browser. This cookie is used to remember the person who visited the website. Retargeting marketing campaigns can now use that “cookie” to display customized ads to that visitor that has shown interest in your brand.

Retargeting Marketing is a strategy that can keep prospects from falling out of your sales funnel. Staying relevant to customers that are within the customer journey.

Campaigns that target specific visitors with personalized ads to help increase the chances of the visitor going back to your website. Allowing them to pick up where they left off with their purchase or sign up. 

Retargeting Ads are very effective for E-Commerce websites. The strategy and mindset behind retargeting is the ability to increase Brand Awareness & increase conversions. 3 out of 4 customers notice retargeting ads. 


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Retargeting Marketing

If you’re like most small to midsize business owners you can’t afford to lose customers that visit your website and never come back. I help entrepreneurs and business owners build brand awareness and increase sale conversions.

I do this by using Retargeting Marketing Strategies and best practices. If your goal is to stay top of mind and compete for people who visit your website but didn’t convert into a sale. I invite you to book a free consultation for our Retargeting Marketing services.

Retargeting Marketing Campaign Management

The service that I provide results in increased conversion with your target audience. This helps my clients create longevity for their business and stability. Without it, they run the risk of spending time and money trying to get new leads interested in your services with no way to follow up if they don’t purchase in that first visit.

Similarly, when my clients use our Retargeting campaign management strategies. It helps them save on their marketing budget and forecast more sales. Avoiding losing a target audience that they worked so hard to get to visit their website.

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