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Local SEO

Establish your business in your local market and win more share of voice in your community. 

Do you struggle with winning business in your local area?

How often are you winning business in your local area? Do outside vendors swoop in and take the sales in your community?

Do you struggle with driving regular foot traffic into your store location(s)? 

How much of the share of voice do you control in your surrounding area? Are you competing with local businesses for the same customer?

Avoid the stress of worrying if you’ll be one of the statistics that can’t make it beyond their first 3 to 5 years of business. Or a business that has made it past statistics but is just scraping by without growth.

The Local SEO Solution

My Local SEO solution is based on your business and not a one size fits all method of optimization. Working on building up your visibility where you’re potential customers can be found.

Building up your online presence in your area. Getting you listed as one of the best options in local search queries. Establishing your share of voice as a go-to resource. 

The benefits of local SEO strategies can help with foot traffic to your store location(s) as well as your website. Pairing strategies that can generate conversions using the website and store in collaboration to moving a visitor from intrigued to a customer.

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What is Local SEO & Why Do I Need It?

What is Local SEO? 

Local SEO is a focus on making optimizations to your website and online presence to generate brand awareness and recognition in your surrounding area.

Brand awareness and brand recognition drive revenue gains and help you avoid the ups and downs of running a business. Local SEO helps you become more competitive in local area searches for products and services.

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Why do I need Local SEO?

The ability to generate free organic leads with people searching for products and services in your surrounding area is a necessity. Whether it is in the form of foot traffic walking into your store location(s) or someone looking for answers locally.

Becoming the go-t0 resource helps you build up your business’s share of voice and competitive edge. Helping to make you the first thought and not the last in your area. 

Local SEO by the numbers


78% of people who search locally make a purchase afterward. This includes purchases online and in physical stores.


42% of marketers agree that Google is becoming the new homepage for local businesses. A Google My Business profile matters.


64% of consumers use Google My Business (GMB) to find business addresses or phone numbers. Keep your GMB profile up to date.


88% of marketers agree that there’s a close correlation between local & organic ranking in search results. Proximity matters as much as the content.


77% of respondents say that they have 1 or more SEO marketers on staff. 40% of SMBs outsource some or all of their local SEO work believing it to be a necessity.


Local SEO has shifted from a rankings-first approach to a conversion & revenue one with 66% of marketers reporting this as their marketing goal & KPI.


91% of marketers have a SERPs feature strategy in place. The top 3 include featured snippets (25.6%), local packs (24.7%), & Google Business profile (23.9%) 


Up to 86% look up the physical location of a business on Google Maps. Brick and Mortar stores must ensure that they’re well represented within searches.

The Process That Delivers Results

Book A Consultation

Book a consultation call where we discuss your business goals and the current process for generating leads.

Process Evaluation

We’ll evaluate your process and set expectations based on where you are with your business and budget

Customized Strategy

Creation of a strategy customized to your business timeline. Aimed at addressing short-term and long-term goals.

Implement Plan

Implementation of the plan for monitoring & making adjustments as needed based on the results and industry.

What’s included in the Local SEO Solution?

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The Local SEO Solution comes with an SEO evaluation. A project brief that lists out an assessment of what’s working and what should be tweaked and improved for optimal results. 

Customized strategies to help drive quick wins and progress towards long-term goals. Based on your budget and timeline. 

Resources and tools are made available as part of the Local Seo package that you select to help drive up sales for your business.

Frequently Asked Questions About Lead Generation

How long does it take to start seeing new leads? That honestly depends on your industry and where you are in your efforts and business. There are short-term strategies based on a business’s budget that can provide wins.

How much do local SEO services cost? The price depends on your budget and industry. There are low-cost strategies that can be implemented to help small businesses establish themselves as well as more aggressive methods. This can range from anywhere from $150/month to $3K+/month depending on your goals and needs. 

How do you customize to individual businesses? I customize strategies and best practices based on where you are with your business and budget. Taking things like your time and resources into consideration. It will only work if it fits with your goals and roadmap.

 Can a regular business owner address the issues found on their own? Yes, of course, they can. If they have the time, expertise, and resources needed to focus on establishing a local online presence that ranks well for your target audience. 


you’re one step away from changing everything!

Tell us a bit about your project so that we can set up a free discovery call.

The better we understand your needs & goals the better we can assist you.

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