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Website Evaluation

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The Website Evaluation Solution

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What is a Website Evaluation & Why do I need it?

What is a Website Evaluation? 

Think of a website evaluation as a health check-up for your website. A website evaluation checks to make sure that you’re operating at your peak performance level.

A website evaluation is checking for ease of use for not only the website visitors but the search engines. Checking on the value of the content, the various aspects of the website. Things that will affect your website score and search engine rankings.

Why do I need a Website Evaluation?

A website evaluation ensures that you are meeting the industry standards for a website. The website score directly affects your SERP (search engine results page). Which can also affect the traffic your website is seeing and the conversions that your business converts.

Evaluating your website allows the website owner to address issues that cause a bad user experience for customers. It can also significantly affect your marketing budget and need to pay ongoing fees to keep your business on relevant pages so that you can compete in your market. Locally and nationally.

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53% of mobile site visitors will leave a page if it takes longer than three seconds to load. Bounce rates are highest for mobile shoppers, in comparison to tablet & desktop users.


88% of online consumers are less likely to return to a website after a bad experience. First impressions matter  It is important to make sure that your website is up to date.


39% of people will stop engaging with a website if images won’t load or take too long to load. The user experience has to be a top priority when creating a website for your business.


75% of consumers admit to making judgments on a company’s credibility based on the business’s website. Brand reputation and credibility are costly budget-wise to reset with consumers.


85% of B2B and 79% of B2C users say their experience with a brand is just as important as the quality of what it sells.  Be aware of what you’re being judged on.


61% of consumers plan on spending more time online post-pandemic than they did before it. The ease of online purchases and interaction is at an all-time high.


There are more than 89,000 Google searches done every second of every day. It is important to ensure that you’re optimizing your website for SEO to compete.


68% of consumers say that they have much higher expectations for businesses’ digital capabilities in the wake of COVID.  The standard has been raised.

What is the process for a Website Evaluation

& What does it include?

What is the process for a Website Evaluation?

Book a free consultation to discuss your website and concerns. Share your website information. I will perform an evaluation on the website. Generate a report and share it will you on a follow-up call. Where you are presented the report results.

At that point, it will be your choice to partner with me to work on addressing the results or take the findings and work internally or with a different partner.

What is included in a Website Evaluation?

A website evaluation includes a report that covers a variety of aspects that your website is being ranked on to comprise a score. That score is what search engines use to prioritize who to display in search results.

Evaluating SEO, usability, page speed, and internal and external links just to name a few. All are meant to address the efficiency, and visibility of a website.

Frequently Asked Questions About Website Evaluations

How long does a website evaluation take to complete?  It can range from a few hours to a few weeks. It will come down to the size and complexity of the website.

How much does a website evaluation cost? The price depends on the business. There are businesses that will perform the website evaluation for free. Provided they are the ones that are hired to work on the website assessment and addressing the issues.

How often is it recommended to have your website evaluated? Smaller to mid-size businesses may only perform a website evaluation once every 6 months. While larger companies and more active websites perform evaluations quarterly. Similar to a 6-month check-up suggested by a physician.

 Can a regular business owner address the issues found on their own? Yes, with a working knowledge of the nuances of a website and how to make adjustments. Realistically they run the risk of not being able to prioritize what issues to address and how.


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