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Hello, my name is Sean Atkinson

Brand Consultant & Business Strategist

As a Brand Strategist for the Modern Entrepreneur,
my goal is to help establish the fundamentals.

Creating the foundational pieces necessary to bridge the gap from a business idea to a full-on brand and marketing strategy.

Establish confidence, mitigate risks, and move forward with a customized plan that fits your budget, goals, and timeline.

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Are you in the right place? 

If you’re like most business owners your struggle isn’t so much knowing what to do But where things fall in the buyer’s journey.

That’s where I step in… to help you get clarity on what to communicate along the customer journey from figuring out that you exist and deciding to buy. 

Moving people from strangers to an interested party to a buyer so that you know exactly what to do to win that business.

What makes me different?

You’ve probably tired yourself out watching hours of YouTube Gurus. Writing down and testing out tips that turn out not to be all that helpful.

Went down the rabbit hole of Googling ideas, topics, and questions.

Only to find yourself feeling overwhelmed and like you’ve made no real progress.

You’re not alone… It’s the logical step but not always the right step for you because these are cookie cutter one-size-fits-all solutions

What your business and brand needs is a customized solution and strategy. One build around your business, budget, and timeline. That’s what separates my solutions from the competitors.

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What Solutions Does Your Business Need?

Business Model Evaluation

Perfect for new businesses looking to establish a strong foundation

Using my 5,4,3 Method, we’ll dive into your idea, establish your business model, uncover the specific requirements needed to get your business up and running, and clarify a clear plan of action.

Brand Clarity Assessment

Perfect for existing brands ready to grow strategically

Gain clarity on your audience, systems, and marketing. The system helps take an honest look at what’s working, and what’s not. Allowing us to evaluate what we need to do to get the best results.

Client Partnership Prep

Perfect for busy agencies who want prepared clients

Are you an agency looking to increase the ROI of your lead generation? Stop sending away prospects that have the budget but are missing the proper foundation to complete projects.

What Our Industry Experts Are Saying

Majority Media genuinely cares about the brands they work with. Their focus on helping establish and grow small businesses is rare. They take the time to identify the current needs of campaigns and go further by paralleling the long-term goals to ensure success. They apply to display, video, and social expertise for spot marketing as well as content throughout the year. Signing up for year-round services is an easy choice.”

Pearl Collings

CEO Chairwoman of Board, Contently

YOu’re One Step Away From Changing Everything

Tell us a bit about your project so that we can set up a free discovery call.

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