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About Majority Media

 Growth & Longevity

Majority Media is a digital agency that specializes in establishing & growing small to mid-size businesses. I do that by educating my clients throughout the process. Applying business strategies and best practices based on your goals & budgets.

I understand that your business is evolving and so will your needs. My goal is to be a valued partner that works with my clients throughout their journey. Providing help along the way to a successful business with longevity in their markets…


Can you relate? If so you may be in the right place for a solution that works for your business

Do you want a website but aren’t sure where to start and the designers that you speak with leave you feeling overwhelmed? 

I understand that the process may be new to you and that it can be overwhelming. this is why I don’t just build a website. I walk my clients through what the best practices are and why they are relevant. This allows my clients to make more educated and informed decisions.

Do you get to the point of a networking conversation & the person asks for your website and you pause? 

Website shame is more common than you know. The website could be outdated or something you threw together yourself. Thinking you needed to start somewhere. Leaving you feeling less than confident about it. I can partner with you on creating a website that you’re more than happy to share with potential customers.

Have you created a website with the expectations of seeing the money come rolling in but you can’t seem to get any consistent sales? 

A website assessment can let you know if it’s the website hurting your business or if it is your marketing strategy. Allowing you to address the issue(s) and take the necessary steps to build your brand and establish yourself in your market. This will help you increase and maintain steady sales. 

You created a website but have no idea how to maintain it & keep it updated? The web designer built it for you and handed it off. 

It can feel like someone handed you the keys to a car without the manual or even know how to drive. You don’t know what they did or how they did it. You only know that you need to protect the investment that you made for your business with the website by making sure it’s running properly.

Your spending money to get found in your local market. But you’re just not seeing the results or traffic coming to your website to get more sales.

I understand how hard it can be to put a focus on your marketing & SEO. While trying to run your business. My support services are designed to help small to mid-size businesses get found locally through SEO & build brand awareness and recognition through marketing strategies customized to your business. 

You started your business to gain financial freedom but you’re struggling to find the time to manage it and still have a life.

A lot of business owners start their businesses to create financial freedom. Only to find themselves overwhelmed. It can mean less time with the people that matter most or less time growing the business. My support services can help take work off of your plate. Leaving you with more free time without sacrificing growth opportunities.


Not sure if you're ready to move forward?

Learn more insights and helpful tips at the resource library. The library provides free eBooks that can help answer more questions and help educate you on topics of interest.

Looking for tips on how to do it yourself?

The Entrepreneurs newsletter is for the DIY’ers that don’t have the time to seek out all the articles with insights and helpful tips. I curate relevant articles for growing your brand and business.

Sean Atkinson

Sean Atkinson


(917) 633-5100

Sean M. Atkinson

Owner Of

Majority Media

As the saying goes it is not a straight path to success. My 20+yrs of experience has been an interesting one. That has helped me amass a wealth of knowledge and insights that I look to pass on to the clients that I partner with on their projects.

The constant in my career has been partnering with my clients providing white-glove support. Educating them on best practices and insights that lead to their success. 

That started with me getting my start in marketing.  Gathering & assessing feedback for brands like Johnson & Johnson. Helping them with their marketing campaign decisions on how to resonate with their target audience. So that they could promote new & existing products. 

I took those insights and starting working for advertising agencies like Saatchi & Saatchi. Working with brands like Kelloggs & Pfizer.  Providing recommendations on selecting the right advertising outlets to reach their target audience.

Partnering with luxury fashion brands like Burberry, Prada, & Salvatore Ferragamo. Getting consumers to look past the price to the quality of products and services. Working at Conde Nast Publications for Vanity Fair & GQ magazine. 

Working on the Publishing side of the industry to partner with successful companies like Warner Bros, Univision. Managing national and international client relationships that exceeded 6 figures in annual revenue. Within a variety of industries and markets. 



My career has been based on providing business analysis and insights. Educating my clients and executing on getting them the results they needed to meet their goals.

Insights that strengthened top-tier companies and provided longevity. Keeping them relevant and competing in their industries.

 Majority Media is a digital agency focused on helping small to mid-size businesses compete in their market and industry. I do that by applying these best practices and insights amassed and customizing them to my client’s businesses. Even if they don’t know where to start or feel like they have the resources to compete.

The results are business owners being able to gain their financial freedom. Establish and grow their business at a pace that works for them. Without running the risk of feeling overwhelmed, and unable to take on more projects and sales. If you’re a small to mid-size business looking to take the next step with your business. I invite you to book a call. Let’s see if Majority Media is a good fit to help you reach and exceed your goals. 

“Working with Sean has been great. He has gone above and beyond my expectations taking a genuine interest in the success of my business. He even made suggestions to address needs that weren’t even on my radar! I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Majority Media on other projects.

Sloan Turner

Owner, Certified Chic

YOu’re one step away from changing everything

Tell me a bit about your project and set up a free discovery call.

The better I understand your needs & goals the better I can assist you and point you in the right direction of reaching and surpassing them.

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