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My name is Sean Atkinson. I am a Business Development & Brand Strategy Consultant. I’ve spent decades helping businesses win & maintain a competitive edge.

Helping brands identify & engage with their target audience. Filling in the missing pieces to strategies & building a foundation that leads to success.

Most of all I enjoy partnering with people passionate, focused, and about their business. If you’re looking for someone that is equally invested in your success. You’re in the right place.


If you can relate to any of these  questions or thoughts

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You have a business idea but you're not sure what steps that you need to take to turn your idea into a business?

I understand that the process may be new to you and that it can be overwhelming. This is why I have a business model evaluation service. I walk my clients through what the best practices are and why they are relevant. This allows my clients to make more educated and informed decisions.

Have you created a business with the expectations of seeing the money come rolling in? But you can't seem to get any consistent sales!

Brand assessments can help to identify where there’s a disconnect hurting your business. Whether a full brand refresh is needed or if there are smaller solutions and tweaks that can get you back on track. 

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Do you get into networking conversations. Where the person asks you about your business & you pause?

Being clear and concise about your business increases opportunities for your business. Networking, word-of-mouth referrals, and more.  Speaking with confidence about what you do, the problem you solve, and why you do it makes a difference.

You feel like the best-kept secret that nobody knows about. If you could reach your target audience you could make a difference.

It is possible you’re either targeting the wrong audience.  Or using the wrong messaging in hopes that it wins the attention of your ideal customers. A common mistake made is trying to sell the product that you make. Instead of the problem that you solve.

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You win business and customers but you're not seeing repeat business

By identifying what’s needed to not just win a customer but repeat business. You’re creating a foundation that you can build on. This can help you grow your business and create stability. A great way to address this is by focusing on relationship building. Looking beyond the initial sale to the loyalty that you can develop with your customer base.

You started your business to gain financial & personal freedom. But you're struggling to find a balance between managing your business and with having a life.

A lot of business owners start their businesses to create financial freedom. Only to find themselves overwhelmed. It can mean less time with the people that matter most. While you’re attempting to grow the business. You’re not alone. By implementing systems and processes can free up your time and get you back to the people that matter the most.

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Sean Atkinson


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Introducing The 5,4,3 Method

For 25 years, I’ve worked with budding entrepreneurs and business owners to clarify business models, establish clear market positioning, and accelerate growth. My 5,4,3 Method — a step-by-step methodology that outlines the path from where a business is to where they want to be — is the culmination of that experience. The 5,4,3 Method is centered around a comprehensive business evaluation and assessment that tackles five key building blocks, four points of differentiation, and three stages of business.

The 5 building block fundamentals necessary for clarity:

  • Business Journey 
  • Target Audience
  • Business Plan
  • Business Basics
  • Marketing Basics

Over the years in my personal life. Whenever someone heard I worked in Advertising & Marketing. They would ask for helpful tips and insights. 

One of the things that I quickly discovered when asking people about their business. They couldn’t speak to the basic building blocks with confidence. It served as a clear indicator of where they were in their brand journey. Regardless of how long they’ve been in business. 

Whenever that was the case. I knew where to start. What quick recommendations to share. How to point them in the right direction.

The building blocks are essential to any business no matter the size. It is what allows you to network and share enough about your business so that people understand what you do. When asking for help, partnerships or referrals. They allow you to speak to who you are, who your audience is, and how to help market your business. 

The 4 points of differentiation

The 4 points are necessary for showing your expertise and authority. This is necessary for providing your elevator pitch. The overview of your business/brand. What makes you different and why prospects would benefit from those differences. 

Working with businesses over the years that do similar things but they were looking for ways to stand out. I gathered the 4 points of differentiation. Allowing them to speak to their expertise, mindset & path to becoming a brand. 

These are differentiators that allow you to speak to specific audiences. Prospects navigate to people they can relate to. This helps to qualify leads and begin customer journeys. Journeys that can lead to conversions.

 The 3 stages of business

The 3 stages allow a brand to remain agile. Identify the right brand messaging and marketing strategy for their target audience. How to market each stage of their business. 

I got my start in marketing. Performing brand research for top-tier brands. One of the benefits was learning not only about the customers but also how to gather engagement. I learned the importance of a brand’s journey. How it matters to a target audience. 

There are some businesses that excel at marketing previous stages of their business. While others see gains promoting their current space. Then there are the brands that benefit from marketing where they’re going and bringing the audience along for the ride. 

The 3 stages of a business are part of my methodology because I know it matters. When I partner with a brand on their strategy one on one. I look to identify which marketing strategy best suits their needs. This is one of the ways that I customize my solutions instead of offering one-size-fits recommendations to clients. 

The 5,4,3 Method gives us all the things that we need to consider. When thinking through business development and a strategy for your brand. 

“Working with Sean has been great. He has gone above and beyond my expectations taking a genuine interest in the success of my business. He even made suggestions to address needs that weren’t even on my radar! I’m looking forward to continuing to work with Majority Media on other projects.

Sloan Turner

Owner, Certified Chic

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