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Reputation Management

Your reputation can make or break a business. What is your strategy for monitoring and managing your online presence?

What is your Business Reputation beyond your loyal customers?

Reputation Management is a necessity when it comes to small to mid-size businesses 

How are you monitoring and managing what’s being said about you and your business online? 

Sure there are business profiles like Google My Business. Where someone can leave a review but what about the rest of the internet? 

Are you able to track mentions and respond or do you need the person to tag you so you know what’s being said? Good or bad a timely response makes a difference.  

Testimonials are an important part of brand development and business longevity. So is problem-solving potential issues and getting out ahead of it costing you business

The Reputation Management Solution

Customer Testimonials are a necessary part of establishing and growing your business. 72% of customers won’t take any buying actions until they’ve read reviews. 

Implementing best practices and a method of monitor online mentions on social media. The ability to follow up allow and drive the narrative.

It’s just one more way of telling a client what makes you different. Why they should choose you to do business with. 

The look behind the curtain and the confirmation of where you excel does matter to someone looking for a reason to buy or walk away. Implementing a solution that gets them to stay is the goal. 

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What is Reputation Management & Why do I need it?

What is Reputation Management? 

Think of reputation management as having a P.R. firm that’s working for you.  Monitoring and helping to drive the narrative of your business. The ability to influence the perception of your business’s brand.

Essentially promoting the best moments of your business and doing damage control for the less than stellar moments.

Things like customer testimonials are confirmation of money well spent with a company. A customer review leaves a bit more room for less than stellar feedback. Providing an opinion and ranking on the results.

Why do I need Reputation Management?

Client testimonials and reviews generate revenue. Let’s take a look at a few stats to address this question. About 95% of customers read reviews before making a purchase.

When a product gets five reviews, the likelihood of it being purchased increases by 270%. If a business has more than 9 current reviews, they earn 52% more revenue than the average. If a business has more than 25 current reviews, that increases to 108%

Now consider how negative reviews and comments online can affect those results. Reputation Management is a preventive measure to help you react less and be proactive in your approach to dealing with issues. 


Companies that experienced a negative reputation event reported a loss of brand value and revenue.


Consumers pay more for services from a company with higher ratings and reviews.


Say they have found something in an online search that made them decide not to do business with someone.


Complaining customers will do business with you again if you resolve the complaint in their favor.


Marketers agree that building consumer trust will become marketing’s primary objective in the near future.


Reputation damage comes from a mismatch between the buzz and the reality.


Consumers depend on social media to guide their purchase decisions.


Executives rate managing reputation risk as more important than other strategic risks.

What is the process for Reputation Management Services?

Book A Consultation

Book a consultation call where we discuss your business goals and the current process for generating leads.

Process Evaluation

We’ll evaluate your process and set expectations based on where you are with your business and budget

Customized Strategy

Creation of a strategy customized to your business timeline. Aimed at addressing short-term and long-term goals.

Implement Plan

Implementation of the plan for monitoring & making adjustments as needed based on the results and industry.

What’s included in the Reputation Management Services?

Business objective concept 3d illustration

Included is an evaluation of your process and target audience. The assessment will allow me to customize a brand building and monitoring system that will suit your business needs and goals.

Evaluation of what business profiles are in use and how to get and monitor client reviews that are useful for each platform. Implementation of tools that help facilitate written and or video testimonials.

Frequently Asked Questions About Reputation Management

What should a customer testimonial include?  The essentials to include will be the problem they faced, the solution provided, and the results. The additional questions will speak to the experience and other factors that answer what differentiates your business from your competitors.

How often should I be asking for client testimonials? The process should be ongoing. By showing that you have a consistent flow of testimonials for your business you increase your value and consideration with potential customers.

Are there any customer review mistakes businesses make? A mistake that people make is only asking the people they think will provide glowing reviews. It can diminish the value of the reviews. I have clients that have landed business because they have less than 5-star reviews.

How to deal with a bad customer review? A less than stellar review can be a blessing in disguise. It is an opportunity to show potential customers how you deal with adversity. Your level of customer support. The value that you put on your word and clients’ feedback.


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