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The Secrets to Big Brands’ Success Interview with Sean Atkinson

An overview of ways that new and existing businesses can establish more of a presence. Strategies that brands can implement to overcome stagnation. My 5,4.3 plan to successful brand building and messaging.

How to win the Holidays and your Ideal Customers Over Creating Brand Loyalty

Every Holiday season is an opportunity to make up for slower sales throughout the year. This Holiday will be no different with one exception.
Shipping and stock availability will be a game-changer for many businesses. How well a business has prepared for the season will be tested

Winning SERP by writing for quality over placement in your Content Marketing

Content marketing is a key component to building brand authority. Whether It’s on-site for SEO purposes, sharing information to help educate consumers. The path to credibility and authority is with Content Marketing in the mix.

How SEO is evolving & so should A brand for better results

A conversation on the advancements with search engines & how brands are evolving with it to build up their businesses. SEO helpful tips & strategies.

How to use a brand differentiator for a competitive edge

Brand differentiators: Your branding strategy and the way you differentiate yourself from your competitors.

Clutch Names Majority Media LLC as a Top Digital Strategy Company in New York for 2021

Clutch Names Majority Media LLC as a Top Digital Strategy Company in New York for 2021

Do I need professional photographs for brand development?

Are professional photographs a necessity for brand development? Let’s take a look at options and the choosing the right one for your brand.

How important is testing before running paid ad campaigns?

An article taking a look at the benefits of testing brand messaging before investing in paid advertising. Increase ROI & learnings by doing your due diligence.

How to Establish Boundaries & Temper Client Expectations

It is the business owner’s responsibility to set the boundaries and expectations. Ensure a successful project.
The goal isn’t to win the business but to deliver on a successful project. Part of that requires client management.

Is A Free Consultations A Must For Winning Business These Days?

A discussion on whether or not a free consultation should be mandatory for a business to provide its prospects and leads. Catering to an audience and their expectations.


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