Why your “Why” matters

Today we discuss the importance of adding your why into your brand strategy and content strategy. When thinking through your Brand Strategy don’t underestimate that your why is important to more than just yourself.

Let’s be honest for every good idea there are 20 people at minimum trying to capitalize on it in business. What separates you from your competitors these days in a world of abundance and options? You! Your “Why” what you’ve gone through to get to this point.

When people shop for products and or services. Yes, they look at price and value. However, it’s not always the deciding factor. This is important to consider when thinking about how best to identify your target audience. Longevity isn’t found in a race to the bottom. The lowest price doesn’t always win out.

Brand Identity is knowing who you are and who you serve

A good brand strategy consists of marketing to the people who see the value in your offering regardless of the price. The brand loyalty of knowing they know, like, and trust your brand. This is where your “why” comes into play. When it resonates it reaches the people you should be pursuing as clients. Your ideal customers.

The goal is to find that ideal customer and learn what you can about them. What is it that resonated with them and why? While you don’t You don’t want to build a whole strategy around pandering to a type of situation. You can build on what you learn from these insights. Which allows you to connect with more like-minded people.

It’s not just your why but there’s as well

The better you understand your target audience. The better the results you can achieve with your business. Longevity in business is built around understanding that the customer base molds a lot of the decisions made in the direction of a business.

What products & services you build your foundation on. Knowing these are consistent sales and recurring revenue. Customers take notice of you taking their feedback seriously. This leads to brand loyalty.

Brand Loyalty is essential to a business thriving. Those loyal customers relay their thoughts with other like-minded consumers. Leading to referrals and a more substantial share of that target audience that you need for your business.

Testimonials especially unsolicited can be your best form of promotion for your business. A happy customer can speak to the entire process in a way that resonates with potential customers. People want to know what to expect. Alleviating some of the risks that they have to rule out to try a new product and or service.

When you have a client express why they feel comfortable with you as a brand and confident enough in it to pass that information along. It allows you to bypass more of that decision-making process. Putting more of the ownness on delivering.

Your Brands Reputation precedes you

When trying to establish a place in the local market and industry as a whole. Brand Recognition can be a blessing and or curse. Some businesses focus more on getting the sale than keeping the customer. This has a way of coming back to haunt many a business. Sure the goal is to win business but if the experience from that point on is awful you’ve done your business a disservice.

An unhappy customer can undo and rival any marketing budget that you put out there to counter it. The reality is anyone can say how great their products or service is. It’s the results that people truly want to know about. What happened after the sale. The “why” a person would never purchase or work with a business again can carry more weight than someone saying why the will.

How a business handles adversity says a lot about them. Sure some customers have expectations that exceed their budget and understanding of what is reasonable. The reality in these situations is that the ownness is on the owner to recognize that and either pass on that business or reset the expectations of what can be delivered so that they’re not disappointed.

Rethink your options or ReBrand

As a business owner, I’ve learned the tough lesson that all money isn’t good money. The importance of protecting your brand. It cost more to rebrand than it does to pass on the business that may trigger the need for it. This is why it is important to know who your ideal customers are as well as what type of customers will do more harm than good. It’s something that takes time and some bad experiences to recognize but once you see it. You can spot it right away.

When partnering with a potential client I am interviewing them the same as they would me. A qualified lead is a welcomed lead. A lead that oversimplifies or sets off red flags brings caution. You’re better off finding a match than chasing a check. There’s no reason to be inconsiderate or dismissive. You can simply convey that you don’t think that it would be a good match and express why.

Noticing a theme here? “Why” is a significant point of all phases of a business and customer journey. A question to ask and be able to answer when making decisions for your business and life. There is a saying that “if you don’t have the answer. You’re not asking the right question”. Keeping that in mind will not only help a business owner build their brand but find the right people to partner with on it so that everyone is happy when it is said and done.

Know your why and convey. Understand their why and respect it. Ask yourself why your next move could be the best or worse. Running through these scenarios can and will play a significant part in your day-to-day business, as well as your longevity and legacy.

Hopefully, this lesson that was passed on to me that I’m paying forward serves you well. My goal is to leave the readers and subscribers better off than I found them at the beginning of their journey here. It was done for me and I believe in making a positive difference always comes back to you. That is my why…

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