Case Study

African Hair Braiding Salons

Coaching/Consulting client in need of an assessment and solutions for their struggling salons.


Hair Braiding Salon with 3 stores operating in Harlem, NY found themselves in an increasingly competitive market.

Amy and her husband were looking for ways to win more business and repeat customers. They have been advertising on TikTok and Instagram as their social media and marketing efforts.

The Problem

Getting more recognition on and off social media as a reputable business that can deliver results. They picked prime locations for easy access to transit etc. but the rent was exceeding the revenue coming in.

They were getting people that would call to book appointments but the percentage of people that kept the appointment was dwindling. Leaving them paying stylist for appointments and work that wasn't being done.

The Solution

The first thing I addressed were the appointments. Creating an online booking system and landing pages for each store so that they could keep track of appointments Set up a way to get deposits for the appointments.

I created landing pages for them since they didn't have the budget to build the website. Each store had it's own landing page and it provided FAQs, hair braiding styles to choose from and ways to book the appointments. The link was added to the social media profiles providing more context and credibility to the business.

The Results

Each store began to get their appointments scheduled via the booking system reduced the no-show appointments because deposits were taken and reminders were being automatically sent out. The additional contact information was leveraged to automate testimonials that would post to Google Business Profile and social media posts.

The new system provided more credibility, saving money due to more accurate stylists scheduling and a way to increase repeat business with the automated follow-ups based on the appointment dates.


“The coaching sessions gave us the information we needed to get our business back on track and making more money. ”

Amy L.

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