Case Study

JadeFire Development

Agency client referral to strengthen the client relationship and profitability through a premium target audience strategy.


Agency referral for a brand clarity assessment to identify the path to targeting the ideal premium target audience. The goal was to create a plan for strategic growth and increased engagement with the brand's ideal clients.

Update brand messaging and the marketing strategy to attract new niches and business opportunities. Aimed at increasing profitability and strategic partnerships.

The Problem

JadeFire's client wanted to grow the business and reach new audiences. The goal was to increase profitability by securing strategic partnerships that lead to consistent high-end projects. Seeking the ability to forecast revenue and schedule projects in advance for more efficiency.

The work required expertise that JadeFire wanted to outsource as it is not the agency's expertise. The problem was finding the right partner that could deliver the results without not seeking ways to poach the client. A trusted partner was needed to seamlessly work within the confines of the specific project.

The Solution

Perform a brand clarity assessment and partner with JadeFire on delivering the results for his client. Michael needed someone that could address a disorganized brand with inconsistent messaging and deliver a brand marketing strategy that would be clear and concise.

As a strategic partner, I worked with Michael on the goals of his client and his agency. Making sure that everything aligned and he had a strategy that could be implemented and adjusted over time. Provide brand and marketing strategies that evolve as the audience and client change over time.

The Results

A brand brief with clear next steps and a smooth transition back over to the Jadefire for the project to be implemented. A walkthrough of the strategies to make sure they align with Jadefire's plans for the client going forward.

The agency relationship strengthened due to the valued partnership and confidence of the client with the plans to move forward with strategically growing the business.

Pursuing new audiences and expanding beyond the current niches to increase profitability and the ability to forecast projects. Adding efficiency and reliability to the customer experience.


“I’ve known Sean for a long time and he has always done amazing work. However, when I sent a client to him for a Brand Clarity Assessment, Sean raised the bar even further. I’ve been managing this client’s website and digital marketing since 2014. In that time, we’ve worked on his branding and messaging, but it’s always felt hodge-podge and thrown together. When I heard that Sean was offering brand assessments, I jumped at the chance and sent this client his way. Because I trust Sean and his process, I turned over full control to him. I knew he would take great care of my client. I was not disappointed. He sent the client back with a brand and messaging focused on giving them the competitive edge they were missing. More than that, though, he strengthened the client’s belief that they were working with the right person. Me. It's rare to find someone that lives up to your expectations, even rarer when they lead with value and integrity. Sean is a very rare person who knows what he’s doing and is invested in everyone’s success. ”

Michael Gburski

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