Case Study

B’s Carpet Cleaning

A brand assessment and refresh for an editing business seeking its premium target audience.


B's Carpet cleaning wanted to re-engage with its existing clients and create a strategy to pursue new audiences. The brand messaging hadn't been updated since they started the business over 5 years ago.

Implemented a brand refresh with updated messaging and a new marketing strategy to identify and engage with its premium target audience. The goal was to grow strategically and increase profits by working within new niches and ideal clients.

The Problem

B's Carpet Cleaning was actively marketing its business but with the same brand messaging and marketing strategies from over 5yrs ago. The business has evolved over the years and it needed to be reflected on the website and in the brand and marketing strategy.

The problem was not knowing where to start. In speaking with other brand and marketing agencies they were looking to Bryan to make recommendations and weigh in on strategies. Bryan wanted to focus on his day-to-day work and have confidence that he had an expert that knew what was needed and could provide the desired results.

The Solution

A brand clarity assessment was to get clarity on the goals for the business and the premium target audience that needed to be engaged for success. Post-assessment it was decided the best course of action would be a brand refresh.

Update the brand messaging to reflect the business's journey and evolution. Customize a marketing strategy that would re-engage the existing audience and introduce B's Carpet Cleaning to the new niches that he was seeking as new opportunities to strategically grow the business.

The Results

A new brand strategy with updated messaging that speaks to current audiences as well as new audiences. Sharing values, insights, authority, and expertise. Providing clarity on who the ideal customers are and the experience that they can expect as customers.

A marketing strategy that helps builds up brand awareness, credibility, and partnering opportunities that would be mutually beneficial. Strategically growing the business and the ideal client relationships for new opportunities.


“I was very impressed and overwhelmed by how Sean exceeded my expectations of helping refresh my brand and zero in on the ideal clientele I’d like to see coming to my business.”

Bryan Butas

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