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Book Brand and Marketing Strategy for authors


Authors partnered with a publishing house to promote their books. Instead of settling for the percentage of sales provided due to the publisher solely marketing the book. Created a business strategy for negotiating better terms with publishers and distributors for published books.

There was a brand assessment and customized marketing strategy implemented in this project. The strategy was designed to market the book and track the sales generated as leverage for renegotiating the distribution deal with the publisher.

The Problem

The authors of a book series received a distribution deal with their publisher that left them with a small portion of the profit of the book sales. The publisher was leveraging how much of the revenue went towards marketing and promotion of the book.

The authors were seeking a solution to negotiate better terms and percentages of book sales. Knowing they did the hard work putting the book together but the publisher was taking the lion's share of the profit from the book sales.

The Solution

Use the marketing budget to create a website for the authors to promote the book themselves and link over to the publishers’ landing page. By marketing the book themselves they would be able to reduce the marketing cost and renegotiate their deal.

By monitoring the clicks coming from the website. It would allow the authors to confirm how much of the revenue was driven by the authors themselves. Taking the new profit split from book sales to pay for the marketing, website, and a sustainable business model that they could leverage going forward.

The Results

The author's ability to promote their book series and use the analytics from the website to identify strong selling areas to schedule book tours, as well as speaking engagements. Maximizing marketing efforts to increase sales and profits.

Create a resource for people who have purchased the book to follow up with questions. Gather readers for a book club where they can have more in-depth conversations. Create more word-of-mouth and recognition for the book series.

The ability to leverage the analytics to renegotiate a better percentage of the profits for their book entire series. Approach the publishers and the distributors from a position of strength going forward as authors who have more books in the works.


“Sean showed us how to: renegotiate a higher gain from the publisher and negotiate with the distributor for previous books. We were able to use the website as leverage to save on marketing expenses and divert it back into the sales percentage by tracking clicks on the website. ”

Frank Collins

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