I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Christian D Evans for his podcast. We discussed how smaller to midsize businesses can overcome challenges. Compete in their market and build their brand in a way that is sustainable.

Walked through my journey of becoming a brand & marketing strategist. What I’ve learned over the past 25+yrs. Along with how I apply it to my brand building and marketing approach. We discussed my process for helping to establish a business vs. helping an existing business get on track. In addition to why building your brand is so important.

I shared the steps that I’m taking to help level the playing field for Small to Mid-size companies. Taking insights gained from helping big brands create and maintain their competitive edge in their market(s). Discussed how best practices helped them grow their brands and reach new audiences.

An overview of ways that new and existing businesses can establish more of a presence. Strategies that brands can implement to overcome stagnation. How to develop a strong foundation to build a business on for future success. How I implement my 5,4.3 plan to successful brand building and messaging.

Entrepreneurs, small to mid-size businesses looking for helpful tips and insights could benefit from checking out the podcast interview. It will give them an idea of what they can accomplish with the right approach. It also sheds some light on what they can expect by partnering with me. The experience they can expect and the results that come from having a clear strategy in place.

You can watch the episode here on YouTube.