A glimpse into local SEO and evaluating business directories to partner with. It’s always interesting to speak with different business directories. Learn about the pricing structure for the different business plans.

How they pitch the partnerships and what’s included. Do they provide additional features and resources? Or are you strictly paying for priority listing?

Some of these directories will list you without making any effort to confirm your credibility. Others will rank you on it. A clear differentiator when considering who to prioritize.

If they are not vetting the businesses. What are they doing about the people visiting the directory? How can you gauge the quality of the audience? Are you basing it on their search engine ranking page and placement?

Monthly vs. Annual plans. Do you make an investment for a year? I won’t… They are a referral partner just like any other. I need a bit more of an audition. Before making that kind of lengthy commitment.

These are the types of questions to ask and things to take into consideration. Avoid trial and error by doing your due diligence or pay someone with the insights and experience to do it for you.