We’re knocking on the door of August. This is a time where I am having or already had a conversation about Fall marketing strategies and campaigns.

I’m covering this question because I want to make sure it’s something that you’re looking at and planning for too.

There’s a basic ebb and flow to marketing cycles with some exceptions. A lot of businesses hit a slow period in Q3. Then there’s an influx to balance it out and turn a profit in Q4. Priorities change and it brings in some reflection to close out the year. The holidays kick in and whether you’re into them or not. There’s the overall moral responsibility to at least fake to get through it.

If you notice the holiday songs come earlier and earlier these days. You may find yourself trying to walk off the turkey and hear Holiday songs and carols. Okay maybe not the carols but I am going somewhere with this…

Holiday planning starts long before the holidays arrive. The real marketing is done leading up to the holidays. By the time it’s the season the impressions have already been made. It just comes down to how and when. Making the convenience or user experience that you’ve been establishing increased in value.

If you take a look at the articles that I shared this week. They are all marketing campaign strategies and insights to put towards a successful campaign.

How to calculate the market share for growth opportunities is the starting point. Gauge where you are to set the goals for where you want to go.

Keyword strategies for targeting words with high content. Identify where to find the audience that you’re looking to compete for and win.

The cheat sheet to Googles 200 Known ranking factors. You’ve got the keywords now it’s time to put a strategy towards how to use them. What are you going to market and why?

19 tried and true lead magnet ideas and examples Including step-by-step instructions on how to set it up. Working examples as inspiration for what can be done that would bring value to your audience. This can be an organic or paid campaign strategy.

One that helps you prospect for leads but also build up your subscribers list. A list with valuable qualified leads. Helping you to move away from purchased cold leads that may or may not be interested.

The best and worst to use in your website call to action buttons. How to increase engagement with your promoted content. Moving you beyond click here to something that resonates with your audience and encourages them to take action.

Instagram wants to be TikTok, which wants to be YoutTube, which wants to be TV. Short-form videos are trending as a marketing strategy. One that you can do on a budget as a small to mid-size business. You can record with a smartphone and upload it online.

You’ve researched to know where to find your target audience. Now you’re addressing how without breaking the bank.

Google announces new seal sections, promotional tools, and expanded reporting ahead of the holiday season. Google Display ads are a form of paid advertising. It costs more in ad cost but delivers more quality prospects.

Display ads cost more because you’re purchasing visual ad space on a publisher’s website. You’re paying for access to their audience. A better website has a user experience to protect if they want to hold on to their subscribers. The quality of the ads comes into pricing and the content. You’re paying to be displayed next to relevant content. Something that should coincide with your advertising ad.

The Guide to Bing SEO is a marketing strategy for increasing your online presence and authority. Bing accounts for 26% of all desktop searches in the U.S.

Establishing a brand and creating authority in a market or niche requires opportunity and eyes. Setting your marketing and SEO strategy up for more reach and with purpose.

10 Steps to making better vendor selection choices. The importance of choosing the right vendor for your business cannot be overstated. It can be a great product that you hear a lot about but does it fit with your process?

The concept applies whether you’re buying a deal from an infomercial or flash sale to your full CRM and automation for digital marketing. Trim down your apps, tools, and programs to what allows your process smoothly and with less room for error.

That’s not to say daisy-chaining a process doesn’t work. The discount in cost is an increase in risk. Weighing the risks is vs. cost.  It’s one of the biggest decisions that you can make in your marketing strategy.


If you run through these steps and apply the best practices shared. You’ll head into planning out your marketing for the holidays making educated decisions. That’s makes it a pretty good chance of successful marketing campaigns.

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