This article covers 9 different forms of digital advertising and some of the strategies for using them. Whether you’re an entrepreneur just starting out or a more established business that’s been doing things a certain way for years. Looking to switch things up so that you can reach more people. Digital Marketing is something worth becoming more familiar with when planning your marketing strategy.

Email Marketing

Marketing your business via email campaigns. While there are some that view this as outdated. It is a proven method that not only helps you get sales but it can help you hold onto customers that you’ve sold to. When used correctly. Don’t underestimate the value of an email list of your customers or subscribers. You can use it to keep them up to date with new products and services. Changes in pricing and as a way of generating revenue by suggesting other businesses that go well with your business. Do your shoes go with your handbag ladies? Fellas how about you. Do your shoes go with your jacket? The revenue-generating possibilities are why this method has stood the test of time.

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Social Media Marketing

Marketing your business, products, and or services via social media has become one of the most well-known and popular ways of marketing. You can reach people beyond your local area and market. In some cases, it can even the playing field when trying to compete with larger competitors. A simple digital ad can help get people familiar with your business. Upgrading that to video will increase your chance of getting more people to engage with it. Social Media Marketing can help you find out who your target audience is and what they find most interesting about your products and services. A strong social media marketing strategy is a great way to build awareness and increase your opportunities to generate revenue.

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Pay-Per-Click Marketing (PPC)

Paying to promote your business is a sure way to make sure that you’re getting it in front of the people you want to see it. Typically, this is something that is done after you spend some time confirming who that target audience is via social media marketing. Taking the newfound information and creating a strategy to target those specific types of people. If you have a cleaning service. It would be important for you to present your services to people reading articles about getting more organized and decluttering their apartments or houses. Take that a step further it would be good to promote your services to people looking to have home repairs done. After the paint job or remodeling, they may need help getting things back in order. These are examples of marketing strategies that you would apply when selecting who you want to reach.

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

SEO is relevant for those who have created a website for their business. The work doesn’t stop with investment in the website. You want to ensure that people can find the website. Including Google and the other search engines. This is where optimizing it to meet their standards to get better placement on search results comes into play. The better your website is optimized for search engines. The less the need for paid marketing. When a person has a question or needs that matches your business or service. You’ll come up in the search and they can click over to your website to find out if you’re the right person to address their need. Having a website that is set up to answer frequently asked questions (FAQs) is a great way to drive people to your website. The better you answer the questions. The more likely the search engines are to suggest you as a resource. There’s a lot more to SEO but if you can wrap your head around that concept, you’re well on your way to generating revenue with your website.

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Influencer Marketing

Borrowing someone else’s audience to create your own. This is a marketing strategy that has become popular on social media platforms. In some cases, they offer the influencer the product for free to test it out and provide feedback. That feedback is used to drive people to your website and business. Keep in mind that influencers can decide that they don’t like your product or provide feedback that isn’t putting you in the best light. This is why there are those that pay for the positive feedback. Not the most honorable way of doing things but it has proven effective for some. The drawback can be that a potential customer knows that it’s a paid recommendation and doesn’t take it seriously. However, those loyal to the people that they’re following may just take a look anyway and that’s basically what you’re hoping for with this route. It will be up to you to win them over from there. The goal is to get brand awareness. Which is just a marketing term that means people find out about your business. They’re aware of your products and or services.

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Content Marketing

Marketing your business by providing content that shows your expertise in your industry is a very effective form of marketing. There are several ways of being able to do this and more ways are being tested every day. The main go-to options are blog articles and videos that provide insights and, in some cases, training and tutorials. Content marketing ties in with the marketing strategy that is paired with the other options on the list. Create a blog article and promote it on social media so that people find it and read it. Answer those frequently asked questions (FAQs) and you’re helping yourself with your search engine optimization (SEO) by using search engine marketing (SEM). Marketing your business through search engine results. Driving more traffic to your website and increasing your opportunities to generate revenue. The goal of content marketing is to build trust. When people believe that you can help them with their needs, they’re far more likely to feel comfortable paying for your product or services.

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Retargeting Ads

Have you ever visited a website and added something to the cart and then got distracted. Maybe looked at lunch and had to get back to work. When you have some time you’re back on your phone or computer and notice that you see that ad from the website that you visited on another site. That’s retargeting. The gentle nudge that says don’t forget about us as a business. It is a useful way of making sure that you don’t lose the potential customer that you worked so hard to get to your website. Helping you to win business and close sales of people that may not have had the time initially but they come back to complete their purchase.

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Affiliate Marketing

Similar to influencer marketing in that you’re relying on people to influence people to check out your product or services. Only with this, you’re providing a link that you can use to track who’s sending them to your website and then pay them a percentage of the sale or a flat rate. This is a more stable strategy and way of marketing your business through a third party. Affiliate marketing relies on the ability to win the business once they arrive on the website. The better your website is set up to meet the needs of the people that click over the better the chance of that sale. The higher the percentage or flat rate you provide the more affiliates that you will most likely get willing to share the link to your products and services. Instead of relying on one influencer you’re spreading the wealth and extending your reach through multiple sources driving potential customers your way.

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Referral Marketing

The best source to sing your business’s praises is a customer. It takes the sales out of the process and makes it more about the results. People are far more likely to move forward with a purchase when they know someone that’s already been through the sales process. There are some businesses that set up a referral program. Where they provide discounts to existing customers that refer new customers to their business. It can come in the form of loyalty rewards or actual money. Ideally, you want to incentivize them to spend more money with you so providing a discount on future purchases is going to be most lucrative for your business.

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Digital Marketing Strategies

When thinking about Digital Marketing the best strategies tend to be a mix of different options. Something that you customize to your goals and where you are in your business. You can use digital marketing strategies for a specific product release or marketing campaign. Simply to make people aware of your new offering. Or you can apply a more high-level marketing strategy that speaks to your business as a whole.

Some businesses are looking to increase sales through new customers. While other businesses put a concentration on making sure that they maintain the ones that they have. These tend to be clients that have higher-priced items. Knowing that it’s a lengthy decision-making process to land a new customer. The longevity of the business is based on keeping the ones that they have with them. An example of this type of business may be a car dealership. They want you to know that you can come back and purchase the next car from them when you’re ready to make your next purchase. Their marketing strategy may be based on promoting discounts on trade-ins and purchasing from people that you trust.