How do I market to new audiences without compromising my standards?

Today’s question comes from a Veterinary clinic with 2 demographics. The question is based on finding a target audience that meets their standards. While addressing the problem and pain points that the target audience may be facing. How to be of service without opening yourself up to people who don’t value the service that you provide.

Demographic One:

50-80, retired or semi-retired with an annual household income of $200K-2M USD. Many of them are seasonal residents, being here from Nov-April. Some are tear round.

Demographic Two: This is where they want to expand their reach and solidify more of an audience.

Mostly 35-65, blue-collar, mostly married with kids with an annual household income of $75k-175k. Practically all are year-round clients.

The Goal: I’d like to focus on attracting more higher-spending clients in the second demographic in order to increase Q2/3 revenue.

The Problem/Concern:

I do need to be careful not to undo our client refinement efforts. There are far too many customers in this industry who will chew your staff up, leave them crying, waste all of your staff’s time declining all recommendations, complain about the price, and then trash you on social media. I can’t undo the policies, protocols, & pricing strategies that ran them off.

The Ask:

Can you help me with a strategy that boosts Q2/3 revenue for my practice?

The Recommendation/Strategy:

Typically, when trying to appeal to niche audiences you have to add in personalization and storytelling. Speaking to the problem and the priority it holds in their lives. Pets are extended family members.

The hesitancy with some consumers is you’re selling preventive measures. Cautionary tales of people that cut corners and the ramifications may serve as one campaign to consider. While also going with a lighter touch and speaking to the extended family perspective.

The pet was there to welcome your newborn baby. It’s been their best friend ever since. Thick as thieves and more like a sibling… You’d put a helmet on your child when riding a bike as a preventive measure. What steps are you taking to keep his/her best friend safe? etc. Nostalgia marketing would be worth looking into when you’re selling preventative services. That would be my recommendation. It will allow you to go after your demographic without compromising your standards.

The Conclusion:

When you focus on the problem and pain points. The answers follow. Audiences will tell you what they need if you listen and pay attention. Once you identify the pain points. It is a matter of finding out who you specifically want to address and focus on as your audience. Using my 5,4,3 Method I was able to listen to the challenge and share a strategy. A strategy that allows the clinic to expand its search without compromising its standards.

Identify the problem, the audience, and the solution for their situation. When you take priority into consideration. You can personalize your messaging in a way that speaks to an individual. That meets the criteria of your ideal client. Build a persona off of that and reach an audience that feels listened to and understood.  Instead of sold to. Attracting people who came for the pitch but don’t meet your expectations. You can set the standard upfront so that there are fewer people to turn away. Your staff and ideal clients will thank you for it… That’s a win all the way around.