The struggle is real when it comes to getting people to engage with content. Social media in an overly saturated environment. So much so that consumers and businesses have become desensitized to ads and posts.

More than not you only have 3 to 5-seconds to stand out and show your relevance. While it may vary a bit depending on the content the overall concept remains. It is a tight window of time to differentiate yourself within.

Sticking with the theme of the 3 pillars of a business foundation. We’ve identified the problem. Now let’s take a look at the solution. The solution is within the strategy and approach.

Far too many businesses and marketers are going with a broad strategy with limited targeting. Mainly because they don’t know who their target audience is. Operating with the mindset of if they advertise to everyone they’ll find someone.

This is a costly mistake. Costly on several levels. These marketers are watering down their brand voice. Making it harder for audiences to understand who they are and what they stand for. Vagueness is not a good marketing strategy. Neither is a generic strategy.

Engagement comes from your brand messaging and voice resonating with an audience. By narrowing your focus to a specific target audience. You increase the probability of reaching and resonating with the audience.

I get that it can almost seem counterproductive to narrow down to get and reach more people. But it is a proven marketing strategy. The goal isn’t to reach everyone. It is to reach the people whose problem and issue you’re able to solve with consistency. By speaking to a specific type of person you’re telling them that you understand their specific need or issue.

This begins their customer journey and sets them on the pathway to convert from a prospect to a loyal customer. You can’t tell a broad generic group what’s in it for them. The same way you can to a specific group or type of person.

When you narrow your focus you create the opportunity to fine-tune your approach and messaging. Shape your brand voice and tone. Allowing you to take what’s working and do it on a much larger scale. The difference being you won’t be telling the world. You’ll be speaking to specific types of people all over the world.

Now that we’ve discussed the problem and the solution. Let’s take a closer look at the results. Increasing and gaining consistency in engagement.

When you’re speaking to the right audience for your product and or services. Providing relevant and helpful content beyond just trying to sell them something. You stand out and create a trust level in stopping to read or view your content.

That trust gains you brand acknowledgment. Opening the door for engagement. This is where strategy and purpose come into play.

Post surveys and content that allow you to learn more about your audience. Repurpose that feedback into your brand messaging and voice. Continuing to refine your marketing approach.

This strategy allows the consumer and or business to see more of themselves in your marketing and advertisements. Because you’re using their feedback and words to interact with them. Providing a familiarity that creates a comfort level.

A comfort level that moves them further through the customer journey and pathway. When you continue to use this marketing and brand-building strategy throughout the journey.

You’ll gain more insights that you can apply. Continuing the process of them seeing themselves within your marketing campaigns. This is a solid strategy for increasing engagement throughout the process pre and post-sale.

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